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Are all items authentic?

Authenticity is the keystone of Washed & Found. We work closely with professional experts that ensure every item sold is 100% authentic.
All items are authenticated and checked before reaching the buyer, eradicating the risks of purchasing counterfeits, mis-selling or mis-pricing items. We inspect all goods for appropriate brand markings, date codes, serial tags and hologram stickers. Everything passes through our strict authenticity tests before it is curated into daily sales. Washed & Found does not accept fake or counterfeit merchandise of any kind. If we suspect that a submitted consignment is inauthentic we will contact the consignor for proof of purchase. Washed & Found guarantees authenticity of these items and will refund the buyer if proven otherwise.


Do the items on sale come with an authenticity card or certificates?

Since most of the items on the site are given to us by individuals, the availability of an authenticity card or certificate differs from one item to the next. Whether or not an item comes with an authenticity card or certificate is stated in the description section of each item.


Are all the items on Washed & Found used?

Most of the items are used. However, Washed & Found also sells brand new pieces that have never been worn, with their original tag.


What condition are the items sold on Washed & Found?

The items sold on Washed & Found are classified from Brand New to Well Used. The condition of each item is clearly stated in the description section of each item.

Brand New: A Brand New item is an item that has never been worn, with its original tag.

Like New: A second-hand item is like new when it has rarely been used and has been very well looked after
Reasons for refusal:

  • Bags: Damaged corners/material, oxidized or missing accessories (torch, mirror, tab, padlock, keys, strap), discoloration, stains (ink, ball-point pen, makeup), lingering odors (smoke, musty smell). An item that has been modified or repaired. Deep scratches, scrapes.
  • Shoes: Snags, marked material (leather, canvas, suede), stains, discoloration, marked soles and insoles, misshapen shoes, resoling, Missing/damaged elements (laces, buckles, fasteners, straps, elastic, etc.) Missing decorations.
  • Clothing: Alteration to be specified in the description, changed button(s) to be specified in the description.
  • Accessories: Snags, unstitched seams, leather with a patina, stains, missing or damaged accessories. Alterations. Marks, loss of shape, stains.

Gently Used: A second-hand bag in is good condition if it has been used and looked after, with light signs of use.
Reasons for refusal:

  • Bags: Marked/damaged leather, worn out corners, lining that is torn or with holes, bad stains (ink, makeup, ball-pointpen), repairs that have not been indicated in the description, lingering odors (smoke, musty smell).
  • Shoes: Snags, marked material (leather, canvas, suede), stains, discoloration, marked soles and insoles, misshapen shoes, resoling, Missing/damaged elements (laces, buckles, fasteners, straps, elastic, etc.) Missing decorations.
  • Clothing: Unstitched hems, ring marks, pilling or felting in knitwear, holes, tears, stains, discoloration, stained lining, a lot of loose threads, missing brand, label.
  • Accessories: Holes, tears, missing or damaged accessories. Stains, loss of shape.

Well Used: A second-hand item is in acceptable condition if it has been used regularly, with signs wear.
Reasons for refusal:

  • Bags: Dirty with a great deal of wear and tear, lining that has been torn or with holes, items requiring repair.
  • Shoes: We do not accept shoes in Fair condition
  • Clothing: Tears, ring marks, felting knitwear, an item in bad condition overall.
  • Accessories: Dirty with a lot of wear, items requiring repair, in bad condition overall. Leather that is torn or with holes. Unglued stones, broken or missing accessories, oxidation of fancy jewelry, absence of hallmark on precious metals. Requires repair. Tears, ring marks, etc.


Does Washed & Found have a physical store that I can visit?

No, Washed & Found is an online store.


Does Washed & Found put items on sale?

All the items on Washed & Found are discounted items and can be subject to further reductions. We offer a sale section all year round. 


How can I pay for my purchase(s)?

You can pay by credit card or debit card (Visa/MasterCard), bank transfer and cash on location (at our office in Beirut, Lebanon). Or you can contact us for Cash on Delivery within Lebanon. 


Can I pay in installments?

Washed & Found offers payment in installments for items above 200$.
For more information about the payment installments, kindly contact us.



Does Washed & Found purchase my item from me directly?

Washed & Found works on consignment which means that we pay you after the item has sold. We charge commission depending on the selling price of an item.

Standard Consignment - You would be receiving the below percentages:

  • For items up to $100 Washed & Found takes a fixed fee of $30
  • For items between $100 and $1000 you get 65%
  • For items between $1001 and $2000 you get 70%
  • For items above $2000 you get 80%

Concierge Consignment - You would be receiving 60% on any item.

For more information, you can contact us at or by phone +961 70 85 86 57 and through our Live Chat.


Who will decide the selling price of my item?

Washed & Found team will provide you with a quotation range for your item. This range is set after researching the original retail price of the item, and its resale value. We also consider the condition of the item, and how popular and ‘in style’ the item is. The final selling price of the item is set after reception. 


How long will it take to sell my item?

The speed at which your item sells depends on its brand, style, condition and price. Some items sell quickly, while others take a bit more time. To sell your item quickly, you can ask to lower its price.


Does Washed & Found keep my item or do I?

Washed & Found keeps your item in our secure stockroom for the purpose of maintaining its condition and quick delivery.


How long will Washed & Found keep my item?

We keep your item for a minimum of 60 days. You may choose to end the agreement at any point subject to a 10-day notice period before an item can be returned. However, a 20$fee/item will be charged if you wish to take back your item before the 60 days period.


Where does Washed & Found keep my item?

We keep your item in-house, in our secure and temperature controlled facility.


Does Washed & Found accept any items?

No. Washed & Found reserves the right to reject items that are inauthentic, not in sell-able condition or do not meet Washed & Found's guidelines.


What happens if my items are not accepted?

For items that are not accepted, we will contact you to arrange a return. If Washed & Found is unable to reach you for 8 months, the item will be donated to charity. For inauthentic items, Washed & Found will charge an authentication fee of $40 per item at the time of return and will not bear the charges nor arrangement for shipping back inauthentic or unsaleable items.


Does Washed & Found offer pick-up services?

Yes, Washed & Found offers a free pick up service.


When will I receive payment after my item has sold?

Washed & Found makes payments to sellers 7 days after the order has been completed and the full amount has been paid by the buyer. When items are bought in installments, we make the payment to the seller once the full payment is settled.


How will I be paid after my item has sold?

Washed & Found pays sellers either through check or bank transfer.


How do I sell my item at Washed & Found?

Selling your item is very easy!

  • Register/login
  • Fill in the Sell Form
  • You will receive a price evaluation from our team
  • Once you confirm, we send you our pick up service for item collection
  • We do the rest (Authenticate, research, photograph, upload your item to the site within 2-3 weeks)
  • Once your item sells, you get paid


How do I send my item to Washed & Found?

We offer a free pick-up for your items within Lebanon via our trusted courier, Le Coursier. For customers outside Lebanon, we will organize a DHL/Aramex pick up.  For items that come from outside Lebanon, please allow 3 to 4 weeks before item is uploaded on the site.


How will I know if you’ve received my items?

Washed & Found team will send you an e-mail as soon as we receive your item. 


How can I track my order?

You will receive an email as soon as your item is shipped. The email will enclose a tracking number and the name of our courier, which you can use to track your order. For Lebanon customers, the courier company will call you to schedule the delivery of your item(s).


What are the shipping fees?

We offer FREE delivery around the world.

Please note that we do not take care of customs and duties once the item enters final destination. 



Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order any time prior to its shipment by reaching us on ‪+961 70 85 86 57


Does Washed & Found have a return policy?

We offer exchange and refund within 48h after delivery of your item.


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